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Scanning to Google Drive via Copiers
Posted by Ean Comstock on Feb 28, 2020 11:10 AM

1. Go to any Copier that you want to scan from. To login, tap the ID bar and enter your 4 digit code, scan your ID badge or scan your fob. If you entered your code, you will have to Tap the OK button. It should take you to the screen on the third picture.

2. Click Scan on the right. It is outlined in red in this picture.

3. Click scan to Google Drive.

4. If you would like to change any scanning settings, click the settings button on the right and alter the settings.

5. By default, the settings for scanning are set to two-sided. However, if your documents are one-sided, the blank pages will be removed during scanning and will not show up in the scan sent to your Google Drive.

6. Once you have put your documents in the tray to be scanned, click Start. If you have over 15 pages, the document will be split into multiple documents to keep file size low. 

7.  Push the  button to log out.

8. The first time you scan a document to Google Drive, you will receive an email to authorize Papercut MF to access your Google Drive. If the email does not appear in your primary inbox, you can find it in either the Updates tab or under All Mail. Click Login to Google Drive.

9. You will then be prompted with a window to select which Google account you'd like to use.

10. A window will appear with the permissions being used, click Allow.

11. After you allow Papercut to access Google Drive, a new tab will open verifying that Papercut is now connected to Google Drive.

12. An email will be sent to you verifying the scanned document(s) were put into your Google Drive.

13. The document will be named scan_(Account)_Date-Time as shown in the image below.

14. The scanned documents will appear in your Google Drive under a folder named Scans for Papercut MF. (Note: DO NOT DELETE THIS FOLDER, SINCE THIS IS USED FOR FUTURE SCANS)

15. If you would like to send this document to someone, open the file in Google Drive and share the document with their email.


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