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Relay Classroom Basics
Posted by Brandon Schroth on Dec 03, 2019 10:38 PM

Web Filtering

  1. None - Will use our basic filtering that is always in place.
  2. No Browsing - Will essentially turn off the internet. 
  3. Customize -
    1. Focus Mode - Will block every website besides the ones you list. (This can get very tricky because going to something as simple as actually goes to 20+ different sites behind the scene. In this case you would have to unblock over 20 websites)
    2. Explore Mode - Will only block the websites that you list. (If you put in the list, no one will be able to goto


Send Link

This will allow you to paste a link and it will be sent to all students in your class.


More Options

  1. Screen Lock - Will lock all screens of students in your class. (You can also lock individual student screens)
  2. Share Screen - This will share your screen to all students in your class.
  3. Class Settings -
    1. Highlight the time/class period for the selected class. > Save
      1. If in the HS & MS we have added the regular daily class schedule.)
      2. If in ES you will select Type: Ad Hoc > Set the “Class Duration”
    2. Adding students not in you class - Scroll to the bottom of the page > Copy the link  from option #2 > Email to student directly or post to Google Classroom.
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