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AESOP - How to put substitute in already existing absence
Posted by Brandon Schroth on Feb 17, 2016 07:42 PM
  1. This is the home screen that shows you who has been unfilled.  Two people at the bottom are unfilled subs.

    Click on the confirmation number all the way to the left. 

  2. This is the absence that was created by the employee in KIOSK that was sent to AESOP.

    You can click those tabs above “absence log, available subs, call history”
    Absence Log- Tells you who entered it and what time and when it was done.

    Available subs- Tells you who is available to sub for this absence.

    Call History- Tells you who AESOP has called.

    Click on Assign Sub

  3. Once you have found your sub, you can click ASSIGN. 

    Call Now: If you come to work and see this and want AESOP to call your subs before the call times are over you can “FORCE CALL” up to 5 people.  This is what I used to do in the mornings when I would see it.  Then once you have called your 5 people and still no one has taken it, you will have to physically pick up your phone to dial. 

  4. Once you hit ASSIGN it will ask you “Have you communicated with this person,” hit OK then confirm the absence and you should now see the individual in the absence for that person.


    **Anything you do is fixable- so do not feel bad if you hit a wrong button.  I have a lot of control in AESOP and haven’t ran into a problem that I couldn’t fix. 


    NOTES TO REMEMBER:If you have a half day person and you found a sub to cover that may have already been working in the AM and you need a PM person and they aren’t showing up on your list to assign them- 99% of the time it is because one of the teachers put in the wrong times, such as 12:00AM instead of PM.  Once those times are fixed you can put the sub in, but if the times are wrong it truly thinks that the sub is working 15 hours instead of the 3-4 hours.  



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