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Printing from Windows Domain Computer
Posted by Wes Payton on Dec 30, 2014 11:50 AM

1. On the printing screen of any program, make sure you have “Print to any Copier B&W” selected, or “Printer to any Copier COLOR” (if you have permissions to print in color).


2.  Push OK

3.  Go to any Copier that you want to print at. To login, tap the ID bar and enter your 4 digit code, scan your ID badge or scan your fob. If you entered your code, you will have to Tap the OK button. It should take you to the screen on the third picture.

4. If you would like to release all prints, select print all.

5. If you would like to release individual prints, click on Print Release.

6. Using the checkboxes on the lefthand side, select the documents you would like to print. Once you have your documents you want to be released selected, click on Print.

7.  When finished, press   to logout in the top right to return to the Login screen.


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